How To Improve Your Lifestyle?

When I say how to improve yourself it doesn’t mean that you are lacking of something or you are not doing good. Improvement is something which should be an ongoing process. It should always be in our top priority list. Whether we talk about studies, health, relationship, finances, profession, humanity improvement is necessary in each […]

14th June 2020 A Suicide That Shook The Nation

14th June 2020 was the date when everyone in India was shocked by the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. When I got the message on Whats App I thought it is a rumor but then I saw it in the news and it was really shocking. I believe everyone was sad by Sushant’s demise. […]

Covid-19 Pandemic Learnings

Covid 19 a pandemic or a wake up call? The whole world is suffering from this pandemic. I have been reading about Corona virus, there are so many articles on the internet written by renowned writers and everyone has their own views and opinions about the virus. I thought to pen down my opinion too. […]

Kedarnath – Heaven on Earth

Kedarnath A place where I want to visit again and again Kedarnath – A place of Lord Shiva. Geographically it is a very small town however it consists of the whole world in it as travelers from all over the world come to visit this astonishing and alluring beauty of nature. In life we are […]


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Hi, I am Abhishekk Bhatt. For me meeting with new people, interacting with them is one of my passion I want to know more and more about new culture and new places. I love singing, sketching, travelling, exploring new places and of course writing. If at any point of time in your life you feel like talking to someone who will not judge you and listen to you as a true friend I am always here. I will feel blessed if I can be of any kind of support to you.

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