Hi all, I would like to welcome you to my platform which I named KUCH BAAT KAREIN

One day I decided to quit my job and start a business of my own and in 2017 I quit my job.

As per my plan i started a business and initially it was doing well people were liking it but as you know that there are so many factors behind to make a business successful, unfortunately few factors were not in my favor and in just one year i had to wrap it up.Then came a phase in life where i was just hopeless, everything seem like finished, no direction, I was not able to think how to start over.

It was not like that I did not want to start something new, it was just after the closure of my first venture I was scared to start anything new and because of this I was getting so tensed all the time. the worst part was that i was not able to talk to about my situation to anyone as I believe 70% people whom you know don’t listen to your problems, 20% people don’t care about your problems and the rest 10% people are with whom you don’t want to share your problems because you think that they will be worried or upset.I have an article where I have covered the factors why we are not able to discuss our problems with our known ones in detail, it is under the category Facts of Life.

One day I got stressed to the extreme and I left my house. It was a rainy day. I went to a tea shop. It was a very small shop with very few people. I was sitting there sipping my tea and suddenly one stranger started a conversation with me, just a normal conversation about weather and after sometime we started talking about each other’s profession. He told me about his profession and he was working with some construction company. I told him about my experience and the current situation of that time. Believe me we had a discussion of almost 2 hours where he told me a few things which helped me a lot in coming out of that stress from which I was going through.

After that day I never felt the feeling of giving up again, I never felt that much hopeless again, and I never looked back after that day. Today I am happy and satisfied with what I have and I realized that what I was looking for was someone with whom I can share my problems, my situation. I really want to thank that person because if that day I would have not met him I don’t know where I would have been today.


What I realized that day is that there will be so many people who are going through the same situation where I was and they don’t have anyone to share their problems, all they need is just one STRANGER who will listen to them and don’t judge them. The reason behind creating this blog site is the same, I wanted to start a platform where we can support each other and be the same STRANGER of each other’s life.

After reading many blogs and write ups on the internet I realized that mostly everyone is talking about technology, education, politics, fashion, cooking, Bollywood/Hollywood, entertainment but actually people need to talk about normal things like the small small things happening around us everyday, every time. 

More of real life stories, real life facts, some surprising moments, some myths, conversation what we have at a tea stall with strangers. According to me the discussions should be real related to life and the well being of each other where everyone should feel comfortable talking about their problems or situations to anyone.

As the name suggests the topic of my blogs which I will write on this platform will be inspired by real life which I mentioned above. Everyone is so busy in their lifestyle that no one has time to talk to someone about actual life and if you start talking to them they will feel happy about it, so I decided to write my views here and would like to discuss that topic with you. Believe me talking to someone without an expectation of having a benefit out of it is what my motive is, as the world needs more of it.

About me

The best thing about being in a sales profile is that you get a chance to meet new people everyday, you get a chance to interact with them, share your ideas with them, listening to their ideas, their thoughts and this is what fascinated me to be in the sales profile. 

After completing my MBA I worked for almost 12 years in Sales and business development profile where i met thousand of strangers who are now my friends.What I learned through my experience of these many years is that I was not just selling my products or services to my clients, I was actually buying their needs and then providing them a solution in the form of product or service.

How I was doing it, by talking to them, by listening to them, by understanding them that what is their actual requirement or need or desire.

For me meeting with new people, interacting with them is one of my passion I want to know more and more about new culture, new places I found it little easy for me as from my schooling days and then graduation and post graduation i was into different different co curricular activities so I don’t have that fear or shyness to talk to new people. I love singing, sketching, travelling, exploring new places and of course writing. I go to karaoke where I learned that it does not matter what language you are singing. It’s about music and music has no language so I found so many friends there from different countries, cultures, languages.

This is an open platform where I want to share my views and would like to discuss more on that. One thing I am sure you will love to be a part of this journey where we will be discussing different and interesting topics . So if at any point of time in your life you feel like talking to someone who will not judge you and listen to you as a true friend I am always here. I will feel blessed if I can be of any kind of support to you.

Your Friend

Abhishekk Bhatt