How To Improve Your Lifestyle?

When I say how to improve yourself it doesn’t mean that you are lacking of something or you are not doing good.

Improvement is something which should be an ongoing process. It should always be in our top priority list. Whether we talk about studies, health, relationship, finances, profession, humanity improvement is necessary in each and every field of life. It gives you motivation to grow, to go a little further towards success, happiness, love, joy, satisfaction. Mostly people think that they are perfect in their mind however there is always a room for improvement, which gives you direction to upgrade yourself, your life. It is a reason for the enhancement of your lifestyle, the way you plan things, the way you react to different situations, the way you implement your ideas for a positive outcome.

Improvement leads you towards a better version of you.

There are several ways to improve your lifestyle and I am sure everyone has their own methods of doing it. I also tried to make it a 10-point system for the improvement process.

Let’s go through it:

  1. Set up your goal:

It is very important to set up a long-term goal, the first step is to write down your goal as whatever is written we remember it for long time rather than if it is in your mind plus it is easy to keep a track on it.

When I mention write down your goal or goals it doesn’t mean, just to write down. Setting up the goal is one of the most difficult part. As it consists of many aspects, I mean there are different aspects to life depending on the age, interest, desire, attraction, lifestyle, finances to name a few.

Use STAR approach to set up your goal:

S – Specific (It should be clearly defined)

T – Time bound (It should be time bound like in how much time you want to achieve it)

A – Achievable (It should be achievable in the defined time period)

R – Realistic (It should be practical and logical)

However, you can always amend your goals but my suggestion is even if you amend your goals please try not leave the original plot.

Once you have your long-term goal decided break it into short term goals. There is a reason behind this process as it gives you motivation to achieve your final goal. Make small term goals for 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 1 month, 1 week and today

2. Track your progress:

Once you break your goal into smaller goals it is easy for you to keep an eye on the progress. Review your short-term goals after a certain period of time say after every one month or a week.

Why is it important?

It is important as you will get to know, what is going right and what is going wrong? If everything is going according to your plan it will give you motivation that yes what you have planned is going right and if something is not going as per plan you can always change the approach. You can always troubleshoot the problem only if you know it. Timely review is also important because if you find the problem at an early stage it’s easier to rectify it however if you find it after long time it will be difficult to fix it.

3. Learn from your mistakes:

If you are keeping a track on your progress regularly after a certain period time which you have fixed, it will be easy for you to become aware of mistakes if there is any. As a human being it is very common to commit mistakes but it is not very easy to accept it. My suggestion is if you feel that you have done something wrong and you are not accepting just because you don’t want to then please leave this habit and try to learn from your mistakes. This is your life, you do not have to show to the society or world that you are right, because they are not going to face the consequences of your mistakes. It will be you; you have to face yourself every day for the decisions you make. So, try to learn from what you did wrong and how could it be avoided? Do not repeat it in future.

4. Work with passion:

Everyone has a hidden passion inside of them, you just need to find it. How you can do it is focus on your life till the present time, think what are the things which gives you happiness and satisfaction? What work is that when you do it you feel like you are born to do it? What is that thing for which you work whole heartedly. Always find passion in whatever you are doing. At times in life we are not able to work as per our choices, no worries you can always try to find some interesting ways in your current situation. Try to innovate interesting ideas in your current work.

5. Be open for new ideas:

As I mentioned above what we desire and what we get is not always the situation, in fact mostly we are not able to do what we have always dreamt of. It doesn’t mean that we should not try anything else. “Me” & only “Me” is always right is a Myth. Always ready to listen to others, to new ideas, to new suggestions maybe you will find something interesting.

6. Want others to succeed:

This is one of my favorite step, have this habit of watching other people succeed. Help them to be successful. As there is an old saying “Whatever good you do to others, will come back to you in different ways” Moreover if you feel happy in other people’s success it will keep your mind packed with positive energy. The universe also reciprocates as per individual’s aura.

7. Stop criticizing:

This is a human tendency to criticize which is not a bad thing if you are doing it for someone’s betterment. However, there are other ways of criticizing by showing people if you would have done it the other way, I believe it will be much better. Do not criticize in a negative manner, it will create conflicts, arguments, disagreements which will lead you towards negativity which is of course not good for your lifestyle. Try to appreciate the effort of another person.

8. Do not try to impress people, try to inspire them:

This is the most common mistake which mostly people do. We have this feeling in mind that what other people, this society thinks about us and we start trying to impress everyone. However, if we try to inspire people in a positive manner it will not only help others to do good, it will improve our lifestyle too. If you are able to inspire someone it will give a positive boost to your life and lead you towards success. Try to be an inspiration to someone and you will see the changes in your lifestyle.

9. Expect less from others:

Expectation is again one of the human tendencies, whenever we do something for others somewhere, we also expect something in return which is quite normal. We just have to try to expect less and there is a reason behind it. When we expect something from someone and we don’t get it, it leads us to disappointment which is not good for a better lifestyle. Let’s take it this way, if you are not expecting anything and you get it, it makes you happy and enhance your motivation. Try to do your best without expecting much in return and if you get it back take it as a reward. Believe me once you start practicing this habit you will feel the change in a positive manner.

10. Learn something new:

Always try to learn new things, it will help you to increase your knowledge. It can be anything like, a new language, a new sport, a new instrument, meditation, yoga anything. Start reading new books, newspaper, articles. Try to learn some healthy habits, make a weekly exercise routine. Learn how to deal with difficult people it will help you to deal with complex situations.

There can be so many ways to improve your lifestyle, you just have to get started. I have tried the above-mentioned system and I have seen the changes in my lifestyle. I thought to share this with everyone and if this can be helpful to even a single person, it would be a great pleasure and satisfaction for me.

Try to get away from negativity and it is not very difficult. I believe everyone has this capability to understand that what is good and what is bad for him, just try to stick to the good part. Before doing good for others do it for you as THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF IT