14th June 2020 A Suicide That Shook The Nation

14th June 2020 was the date when everyone in India was shocked by the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. When I got the message on Whats App I thought it is a rumor but then I saw it in the news and it was really shocking. I believe everyone was sad by Sushant’s demise. I did not know him personally but it felt like I have lost someone own who was close to me and I believe everyone must have felt like this.

This is his impact on people, he has made that space in everyone’s heart. There were and there are so many wonderful actors but very less has that impression on your mind like SSR. I think the reason was his genuine personality, that innocence was there on his face which was real and that is why everyone was mourning on his death.

Every media channel was full of only one news and that was Sushant Sing Rajput. For next few days all the media and social media platforms were flooded with the posts of condolence stating “REST IN PEACE SUSHANT” which I believe he is not in peace till date because of whatever is happening. The only thing which was bothering everyone that why suicide? He was young, an amazing person, a wonderful and versatile actor, his career was going great than why suicide?

No one was able to understand this.

Everyone thought there is something suspicious as suicide is something which is not natural and it is not that anyone commits suicide just like that. There must be a strong reason behind such an extreme decision. At first it was looking like there was no such reason as if I see as a common man or a fan of Sushant Singh his life looked pretty much amazing, he was a superstar, rich, living life with complete stardom. Almost everyone wants a life like that.

Everyone loved Sushant Singh so do I. Police started their investigation but public was not happy with that as everyone felt so much connected to him and no one was ready to believe that he can not do suicide. There was a large segment of people who said it is a murder and if it is a suicide than also, he must be forced to do that as according to some intellectual people of our country a person who is successful cannot commit suicide. The same speculations and allegations game is still going on without any solid proof.

Then started the investigation by the most powerful Agencies of our country which are MEDIA, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK & Public. Initial result was that he committed suicide because of NEPOTISM and some names came in light as Karan Johar, Yashraj Films, Salman Khan to name a few. For few days it was in the news, every news channel had debates on nepotism but no channel was actually interested in getting the facts. A revolution has started on social media platforms to boycott the people who were allegedly involved in nepotism, without realizing the fact that if Karan Johar is making a movie it is not only, he or any star kid who is getting benefit out of it. There is a large team who work hard day and night for the production of a movie or any project. Why should they all suffer? According to my opinion I don’t feel this is the right way to fight for justice to Sushant. Sushant was himself a very hard working and a self-made man and I am sure if he is watching from somewhere, he would be very upset by all this.

After few days again a revolution started demanding a CBI investigation on this case. Rhea Chakraborty who was his girlfriend and live in partner also demanded the same, however at that time Sushant’s family said they don’t want CBI investigation as they were satisfied by the Mumbai police investigation. At the same time a parallel investigation was going on by Media houses and so-called intellectual public which is still in the process and according to them Rhea is the main culprit behind Sushant’s death. Before CBI came into the picture Sushant’s father had filed a FIR in Patna against Rhea for siphoning of Rs 15 crores. After the intervention of political parties, the case has been handed over to CBI after more than 60 days of his demise.

But before CBI would start their investigation Rhea was already declared as a CULPRIT NO. 1 by media houses and social media community. Here I am not trying to defend Rhea or I am not saying that she is innocent or she is culprit. For that court is there and that is what CBI is investigating. I am also a die-hard fan of Sushant and I also want justice for him at the same time I do not want to throw my judgment and make anyone culprit without any solid proof like what is happening with Rhea now. From the time investigation has started there is no solid evidence against Rhea still people are posting memes about Rhea full of hatred, stating that she has killed Sushant, mentioning her as a gold digger, harassing her family. Everyone is saying that Sushant’s family is suffering so is Rhea and her family. Her name is defamed completely, don’t know how her life and career will be, how her family is going to deal with the society, will they ever be able to live a normal life?    

Below memes are just a few examples of what is happening on social media.  

I want to ask some questions?

How these people are so sure that she did it?

What if after the investigation and trials Rhea is found innocent?

Who will take the responsibility of all this harassment?

How will these things will be compensated as money can be but not respect and the same place in society?

Because as of now there are only allegations and speculations that too without any solid evidence. I understand that Sushant’s family has made allegations against Rhea but who are these so called intelligent panelist who comes every day on news channels and pass their judgment that definitely Rhea is the reason behind this, she has planned this, she has all the money and many blames just on the basis of their speculations. If they are so sure about everything then what is the use of CBI and other investigating authorities.

Have you ever thought what is the effect of all this on Rhea’s life and her family?

Everyone is just trying to be the judge by themselves. I understand that everyone is concerned about Sushant’s family and want justice for Sushant but just think for a second Rhea is also a human being, she is also someone’s daughter, she also has a family, she lost her love too.

Let’s discuss about the allegations on basis of which Rhea is called Accused no. 1

  • Rhea is doing character assassination of Sushant: by saying that he was going through depression, his mental condition was not good, he was taking medicines for that. However according to some intellectual people Sushant could not be in depression as he was successful, he was very intelligent, he wanted to fly plane, he went to Nasa. I just want to ask in which book it is written that a successful and intelligent person can not be depressed. For that they have proofs, they asked his resort manager, staff, neighbors:

Did you ever notice that he was in depression?

Did he ever discuss about his depression with you?

And everyone is saying no he was not depressed, we never noticed anything like that. I mean seriously who does this? Who tells his staff or even friends that he is going through depression? There are very limited people who know about any such kind of mental situation. People don’t even tell this to their family as they don’t want them to be worried. It is not something which should be announced to everyone. He was in Bollywood a showbiz place where he cannot show that he was going through such problem and that is why no one noticed. Rhea knew it because they were a couple, she also told that he was going through this problem from long back. Earlier Sushant’s sisters and family denied that they did not know anything about his depression and they don’t believe on this. Now it is also cleared that his sister gave him medicines for depression and that too with a prescription from a doctor who never met him which is completely illegal.

Now the question is why she was lying earlier?

One more thing I want to add it was Sushant’s family who started the character assassination of Rhea and family first. She did not say anything bad about Sushant for two months.

  • Rhea Siphon Rs 15 Cr of Sushant: Sushant’s family put the allegation on Rhea for siphoning of Rs 15 Cr. It’s been more than 75 days and there is no evidence of Rhea having any such amount or even Sushant had this much amount in his accounts. Except the small small expenses which any boyfriend would have done as per his capacity there is no major transactions. Still our so-called intellectual people on media debates say with full confidence “Definitely she did it” when the investigating agencies are not able to find any such transactions or amount how are these people who comes for debate everyday are so sure?

Why I am mentioning media houses again and again because what public see is how they react without using their own brains and this is the biggest problem.

  • Rhea was interfering in financial matters of Sushant: On the debates on news channels they are discussing on why she was interfering in financial matters of Sushant. Let me remind you they were a couple who were thinking of a future ahead. It is pretty normal and happens in every relationship I believe. Be it boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife or Live-in partner. I think discussing about your future plans, discussing your finances with your partner is not a crime. Moreover, it was his decision with whom he wanted to discuss or with whom not.
  • Why Rhea had Sushant’s debit card/credit card pin: She was his girlfriend and live-in partner so having credit card/debit card pin is not a crime, his manager also knew the pin. In fact, if four friends are living together even, they know each other’s pin at times. It is not a crime if a couple knows each other’s pin.
  • Why Sushant spent Rs 60 lakhs on Europe Trip: Again, I would say she was his girlfriend they went for a trip, it was his choice to spent 60 lakhs. Every single person wants to spent on his girlfriend or wife. It all depends on the capacity of an individual, everyone spends according to their status, how much they can afford. Sushant must have had that much money so he spent. Who are we to ask Rhea why he spent so much money on you?
  • Rhea’s family was also involved in his financial discussions: A few days ago, there was an audio playing in some news channels where Sushant was discussing about his future plans which he mentioned as kind of a retirement plan. In that discussion Rhea and her father was also there. I don’t think there is something wrong in this. In every family a daughter’s father always wants to discuss about finances, assets and future of the boy with whom she is thinking of a future and there is nothing wrong in it. In that audio it was clearly mentioned where Rhea said that make the FD in a way that it cannot be withdrawn without Sushant’s signature. It was Sushant’s choice with whom he wanted to discuss his finances and future plans? Where is Rhea’s fault in all this. I think Sushant could have better explained why he did not involve his family members with his financial discussions but he is not here so there is no point accusing Rhea for this. It is also cleared that Sushant himself told to record the video to understand it later as he was not in the right frame of mind but everyone has decided not to believe even Sushant’s words.  
  • Sushant was not depressed Rhea was giving him drugs: Rhea mentioned this in her interview that he was going through this depression thing before they two met and Sushant’s sister knew about it. She also mentioned that Sushant used to do drugs. I am not saying that she is innocent, she does not take drugs or she was not giving drugs to Sushant. However, lawyer of Shruti Modi who was Sushant’s manager, he mentioned in his interview that the parties at Sushant’s place or farm house, alcohol and drugs were used very often in those parties. He also mentioned that Sushant’s sister is also fond of smoking and drinking. Some news channels did the interview of Sushant’s farm house manager where he said that he has never seen them taking drugs. He also said he does not know the names of these drugs and how it looks. I want to ask if he does not know anything about it how can he be so sure that these drugs were not used. Who do drugs openly or in front of everyone that too a renowned superstar? Sushant was a grown up man and an intelligent person so saying that Rhea was forcefully giving him drugs, How and who will prove it? As everyone has decided that he was not taking it by himself and he will not come to prove it. Everyone is saying why Rhea did not stop Sushant(if he was doing it by himself) as being his girlfriend it was her responsibility. I just want to ask one question; How many people quit smoking, drinking or drugs when their family or loved ones ask them to quit?
  • Why Rhea blocked Sushant’s number after leaving the house: What she did was very normal, it happens with almost every couple when there is a fight or argument. The first thing is to block on whats app and block the number. She mentioned this in her interview that Sushant told her to leave the house. Blocking phone number is not a crime, it is just to express the anger that if you don’t need me fine, I also don’t need you. If you don’t care I also don’t care.
  • Why Rhea was happy on her social media pictures after she left Sushant: Again it is very normal after we had a fight with our partner its just to show that what you were thinking that I will cry for you? Look I am happy so that the partner will feel jealous and try to talk again. It must have happened with most of the people. I don’t see anything wrong in this.

I want to share a little part of the debate which was on Aaj Tak news channel and you will clearly understand the level of intelligence.

Rhea has told in her interview that they stayed in a Gothic hotel in Europe where Sushant got scared by some painting and did not feel comfortable, despite that he wanted to stay there only. After that trip he was not well. The same statement was confirmed by Sushant’s farm house manager that after Europe trip he was not well. But we have so many intelligent people around, one lady panelist on Aaj Tak was asking that lot of people stay in Gothic hotel, its an architectural design of Europe why not they get scared? Seriously? They don’t even think what they are saying or on what basis they are arguing. According to her everyone should feel the same way like Sushant felt otherwise Rhea is lying.

There are people with different reactions to different situation and this is pretty normal. There are people who are scared of haunted places and then there are people who enjoy exploring these kinds of places.  

Another thing when anyone try to cross question the host or start talking about facts they always stop them by starting an argument. They start saying let others speak but they are not ready to listen the facts.

I was really sad and upset to see the story on ABP where they made a complete show as a filmy version of the current ongoing investigation where CBI is interrogating Rhea. The worst part was to see the headline on that show mentioning “Your entertainment is our responsibility”

How can somebody be so insensitive and shameless?

I want to share some headlines with you

Rhea is the main culprit?

Rhea was giving drugs to Sushant?

Rhea siphon 15 Cr of Sushant?

Rhea tried to create differences between Sushant and Sushant’s family?

Rhea’s family was involved in the plan?

Rhea will get arrested today?

Generally, what we read is the headline and don’t notice the question mark and this is what is happening now. One person makes a meme and it gets circulated everywhere like fire within few minutes.

There are so many advertisements to aware the public, not to fall for fake news, do not spread fake news still there are people who are doing the same.

We have seen so many cases of mob lynching in India just because of such fake rumors. After any such incident there are posts circulating everywhere on social media, news and debates that it should have not happened. I just want to ask what is the use of it when we are repeating the same mistakes again and again?

Because what is happening with Rhea and her family is a kind of MENTAL MOB LYNCHING as nobody knows the truth but everybody is following the same speculations and assumptions.

I want to clear myself again I am not defending Rhea. It is just my opinion not to pass judgement on the basis of accusations and speculations. She is a suspect not a culprit.

Because if everyone is accusing Rhea to put Sushant under depression or mental problem then I am sorry to say that is what everyone is doing with Rhea and her family. The stress what she must be going through we cannot even imagine and if something happens to her or her family members who will take the responsibility? If we are accusing Rhea for Sushant’s death, we all are trying to do the same with Rhea. Few days before some people tried to trespass her house and had a fight with her family members.

How can anybody justify this as a justice for Sushant?

Like any other fan of Sushant, I also loved him, admired him but there are still so many questions which cannot be answered as he is not here to explain.

Like any other fan of Sushant, I also want justice to be served and there is a proper way for it. CBI and other authorities are doing their jobs and they are capable enough to find the truth. Don’t let these media houses or messages on whats app or other social media platforms decide your opinion. Do not give your verdict, for that courts are there.

I just want justice to be served which I am sure will be. Have faith in the judicial system and investigating agencies.

At last i just want to say that be sensitive, trust facts not speculations, do not judge anyone on the basis of assumptions. Do not fall for fake rumors and fake messages AS THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF IT