Covid-19 Pandemic Learnings

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Covid 19 a pandemic or a wake up call?

The whole world is suffering from this pandemic. I have been reading about Corona virus, there are so many articles on the internet written by renowned writers and everyone has their own views and opinions about the virus. I thought to pen down my opinion too.

We all know that there are always two sides of the story negative and positive and I want to focus on positive side of this pandemic. I want to focus on what we can learn from this situation? What can we do to avoid this kind of pandemic?

Everyone is blaming China for the spread of this virus as we all know that it came from Wuhan and after that every country has suffered. This virus has forced the whole world to be on a halt. In India the lock down started from 24th of March 2020 first it was for 21 days then it got extended and it continued till 7th of July 2020. The whole country suffered a huge loss in terms of economical loss, loss of jobs, loss of lives of so many people, loss of businesses. 

Everything was on the halt. After that also it is not fully unlocked, still there are restrictions on a lot of activities, there are so many sectors, so many industries which are still not working. I keep on discussing with my friends about the situation and everyone says “this virus has ruined everything” then I thought is this small virus really this much powerful that it can bring the whole world down.

There are so many brilliant and intelligent scientists, so many big medicine manufacturers still it is taking too much time for them to create a vaccine for this. The governments are helpless and now it comes to a stage where everyone is saying “whatever happens we will see” because it is not possible to keep continuing the lock down, it is not possible to sit at home and do nothing as everyone has to take care of their families and loved ones so we have to go out. The cases are increasing every day, the positive part is that the recovery rate is increasing and fatality rate is decreasing. According to Health Ministry of India the recovery rate is 76.62% and death rate is 1.78 percent as on 31st August 2020. 

Let me share a small story with you.

During the childhood I used to go to Dehradun for summer vacations. In the night there were these small small lights on the mountains and I used to ask my mother what is it? My mother used to tell me that those lights were diamonds and only strong people can climb the mountains to pick them up. Then I grew up and after few years I came to know that those lights were not diamonds, it was lights of city Mussoorie which is 35 kms from Dehradun and it was clearly visible in the night. It is still visible but not that clear, it is blur like someone has put some screen in front of the eyes and this is all because of pollution which is created by us humans. We are destroying nature in the name of development. I am not saying that development is not necessary of course it is but for that we are taking nature for granted. 

The reason behind the story is that our environment is getting polluted from the dirt which is created by humans.

I would like to ask a Question?

What we do when our house becomes dirty?

What we do when our mind and body is exhausted?

We do the cleaning of our house, we do the cleaning of our body by detoxing, meditation, yoga and different processes.

Why because this is our house, our body and we want to keep it clean. The same way this whole universe is his house who is the supreme power which we call GOD. He is the creator of each and every living thing which is present in this world.

G – Generator

O – Operator

D – Destroyer

As we human being build our home, decorate our home, protect our home. We all know we have to keep balance in our home so that we can get a good and peaceful environment and our family can lead a good life.

God also wants the same for his home. He is the one who has generated everything, he is the author of this universe. He has also decorated his home with mountains, forests, ice, lakes, rivers, oceans and humans, animals, birds are his children. He also wants to keep balance for his home so that we can lead a good life.

On the name of development, we humans are taking nature for granted and the result is what we all suffer time to time in the form of natural calamity, natural disaster like Tsunami, Earthquakes, Floods, Land sliding, heavy rainfall, drought and viruses like Philadelphia yellow fever, Spanish flue, plague, swine flu and now Covid-19.

Actually, he keeps warning us time to time through these natural disasters that stop ruining the nature, stop ruining my home as we all know that in the Books of Law also these calamities are considered as an Act of God. However I believe that somewhere we humans are also responsible for these natural happenings.

After every such calamity we just pay our condolences by saying it should not happen, discuss about it for few days and forget about it. We do not try to actually doing something about it. People say that science has progressed a lot but still Is science able to stop these natural disasters. No, there are so many extraordinary inventions happening every day, humans have reached to the moon but still they cannot prevent these natural calamities.

This Covid-19 pandemic is really bad and should have not came into existence. So many people have lost their lives, so many families have lost their loved ones. In a way it stopped the mechanism of world for few months. It should have not happened.

It taught us so many things like to become more hygienic, wash hands on regular intervals, eat home cooked food and the most important thing is to spend time with families. We all knew that we should follow these precautions in our daily life but we were not. So, this is his way of teaching us and this is for the betterment of humanity only. Here I am not saying whatever happened is good, of course not. Despite of negligence of government, lack of planning, lack of medical facilities the situation is improving. Cases are increasing day by day however the positive side is that the recovery rate of the patients is improving.

According to Central pollution control board’s national air quality index air quality of major industrial cities like Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities have been improved by 60% during the period of lock down in compare to last year’s readings.

According to the data provided by States to Supreme Court committee on Road Safety the Road accident deaths are reduced by 62% during the first phase of lock down. It means almost 20000 lives were saved in compare to 2019.

People started cycling, running, home workouts during the lock down which is a real good thing. We have seen a lot of changes in our behavior also. If we can take something positive from this pandemic, it has given us a chance to improve our lifestyle, our health, our relationship, our environment, nature.

It can be maintained with the development as well. I am not saying it is easy, it will take time but it can be done with proper planning. There are few things which we can do to create a different world which will be cleaner, less polluted, full of nature. It’s not that we are not doing it but we have to increase our efforts.

There are few things which we can do to maintain the balance of nature:

  • Create more Waste management systems: Today collection of solid waste and disposal of it is one of the major issues of polluted environment in the whole world. Food waste, plastic waste is one of the major reasons for air pollution which leads to global warming. Unless it is not a technically skilled waste management system plant, I have noticed that what happens to the normal garbage collections is either the collection is been set to fire or it is been submerged and residual is used in filling the land. In both of the cases it is generating pollution as burning of garbage creates chemical gases which is a major reason for air pollution and if the garbage collection is submerged than also it creates larva, worms and other insects which is again a major reason for water pollution and so many diseases. We do not have a proper process of disposing it or recycle it. To keep our environment clean and less polluted we have to start more and more waste management plants according to the population index as per area.
  • Practice lock down on a regular basis: We have to make this lock down as a permanent thing every six months for one week and we can name it lock down vacations just like any other vacations. Now you will ask it will hamper the economy we cannot stop everything, I agree it will not be easy, it will take time but if we plan it properly it can be done. I will give you a live example of Goa, people who are living in Goa and doing business there they know that 3-4 months of monsoon there will be very less business or for some people there will be no business and they are prepared for it. They have planned everything in such a way that they will work for 8 months properly so that they can survive the monsoon period.
  • Be serious about hygiene and cleanliness: We should be more hygienic like wash our hands and face on a regular basis. We have to keep our home clean and it does not mean that in the process of cleaning our house we have to throw the garbage anywhere. We have to keep our society, our locality also clean.  
  • Give importance to family: Do not go out unnecessarily, spend more time with family. It will give you a boost in your life as last few months were really tough still, we survived because most of us are with our family and loved ones.
  • Take care of our health : Start learning new things, start working out, running anything. Start adding healthy habits in our routine. During this lock down I have realized one thing that what I was thinking earlier that I do not have time for this for that, I mean ‘excuses’ were actually excuses. We always have time it’s just we don’t prioritize what is important and what is not.
  • Cut down the traffic: Limit the usage of vehicles as it is one of the main reasons for pollution. In Delhi it started as an even and odd day for 15 days. It happened twice, when it was implemented the first time it was difficult for the residents of Delhi however the second time was not that tough because they were prepared. According to this initiative on even day the vehicles with even registration numbers only can move out and on the odd day the vehicles having odd registration number can move out. This was a great hit and as a result the level of air pollution was decreased. So we have to keep practicing these kind of initiatives.

One more thing I realized that why after every 30 – 40 years there are this kind of situations happen to different different parts of the world and after every 100 years there is this world pandemic happens. This is because it is a reminder for every generation that still there is time change yourself, change your habits and do not play with nature.

If we want these situations will not hamper the lives of our future generations than we have to be serious now. I am not saying that we could completely avoid these natural disasters or pandemics however we can try to do our bit to maintain the balance of nature and human life. This is our responsibility to create a world where our future generations will not suffer from pollution, global warming and other man-made disasters AS THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF IT