Life as we make it

There are two approaches to life

1. Life – Struggle – Death

2. Life – Relationships(Mother- Father, relatives, friends, colleagues, girlfriend, wife, children, grand children), love, enjoy, success, failures, achievements, joy, happiness, feelings and the end of a beautiful journey.

Now we have to decide which approach we should choose?

In the first scenario there is everything as the second one, every relation, every feeling is there but because of the struggle we are not able to focus on these relationships, these feelings, these moments as most of the time we are under pressure that we are struggling.

I want to ask one question, is there anyone who is not struggling?

Everyone is struggling and everyone has their own struggles. Someone is struggling for money, someone is struggling that he has so much money and if he will not work hard or properly he may lose it. Someone is struggling to find a job and the ones who have jobs they are struggling to be in the job. Someone is struggling because of heavy rains and someone is struggling because there is no rain. Someone is struggling for family and someone is struggling because of family. Struggle and challenges are there for everyone.

I think the first approach is not that challenging because the most easy thing for us is to always feel like we are struggling, cry for that and blame others or our destiny.

However the second approach is quite challenging as despite all the struggles we have to work hard to enjoy every relation, every feeling, every moment.

If we talk about struggles, the moment a child is born it starts. The struggle to survive, talk, eat, study, work, job, business, family basically whole life is a struggle. It is up to us to enjoy life because anyways struggle is there. We have to take it as a challenge and believe me it’s worth it. While we are alive we are too busy working for materialistic things which is of course important but we also have to focus on real things such as real relations and work hard to make them stronger. Life is uncertain and everyone knows it, we do not know when will be the last day or last moment so try to live it not just pass it. Meet everyone with a smile, learn to forgive, do not hold grudges against anyone, because it will not lead you to happiness.  

For which we are struggling today in a hope that once I achieve it I will be happy or my family will be happy. For example people work so hard sometimes that they forget to spend time with their family or loved ones and the best excuse is “I am doing it for family” and they are not wrong, it’s just they think there is a whole life ahead we will spend time some other day however the only thing which I feel is what if there is no tomorrow, what if there is no some other day. I am not trying to say that one should not work hard or think for the betterment of their families but at the same time the most important thing that anyone can give is time. Do whatever you want to do for your family to provide them everything possible, at the same time try to provide them that comfort which I believe no materialistic thing can do.

I have seen so many people saying that they are doing great in their work, earning good money and their family and friends are really happy and very supportive. Being a family they will always be happy for you and they will always support you but have you ever try to understand “Are they happy?” I think most of us do not and it’s not because we do not want to know it is because family never let us feel like this. This is our responsibility to make it sure that they are happy and how we can do it, by spending time with them, by spending today with them not tomorrow.

I have seen people saying that your life is good and I am struggling.  Actually we all do this s there is an old saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” because we are not taking care of the grass which is on our side we are not watering it properly. We always get fascinated by what other people have and stop praising what we have and this is where we stop living and start struggling.

I just want to say that everyone has their own struggles and everyone has their own blessing so focus on blessings, focus on what you have, try to nurture your relationships, try to spend more and more time with your loved ones. Life is really short. Do not struggle for it, try to enjoy it, try to live it. At last I just want to say make your life a wonderful journey not struggle and do not forget to thank GOD everyday for this beautiful gift which we call Life as THE WORD NEEDS MORE OF IT