What is Motivation

I think everyone should ask themselves this questionWhat is motivation? and why is it important to us?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we feel demotivated and at that point of time it is very difficult to think anything positive and this is what leads to depression, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness. At that moment we try to seek for motivation and start reading motivational quotes, watch  motivational movies listening to motivational speakers, going to counselors which is a good thing if you are getting inspired or motivated from anyone or anything you should go for it, however the biggest motivation you can get is from within as no other person can motivate you or think the best for you more than you and it is not difficult at all. It just need one thing talk to yourself, remind yourself about your childhood as childhood is the stage when we start dreaming about our future, our life, like what I want to become or what I will do and for that we start planning in the form of studies, courses, art etc some of us achieve it and some of us do not as in the race of life we are busy in fulfilling the daily responsibilities even when we are studying there is so much pressure of competition and insecurity and then there is society pressure that we forget to focus on our actual plans what we dreamt.

I see people going to these concerts of motivational speakers and coming out motivated saying I will do it, I will win, I will not give up . People take sessions from counselors and start feeling positive after a few sessions. I want to ask something

What they say that we start feeling motivated or inspired?

Why do we start following them?

Why do we need them to say that we can do it?

What exactly is there in the motivational seminars or classes or motivational movie or motivational quotes which make us motivated?

I have seen people buying tickets to these seminars or paying heavy fees like per session fees for counsellors. I think there is nothing new they can tell you what you don’t know already, everyone knows if you work hard with full honesty, dedication, focus, consistency without getting distracted from other worldly affairs, you will achieve your goal, you will fulfill your dreams. it’s just you need to talk to yourself, you need to cleansify your surroundings.

There are a lot of factors which plays a vital role when it comes to motivation or demotivation such as friends, colleagues, work culture, environment, discussions what we have with our known people

The best thing that we get when we go to attend motivational seminars is the positive atmosphere and the desire of every individual there to gain motivation. I will give you an example if you go to a counsellor what he will do? In one hour session he will listen to you for forty five minutes and then in last fifteen minutes he will speak to you and tell you to do THIS and to do THAT but have you ever realized from where he get an idea to tell you the solution of your problem, from where this THIS and THAT comes, it’s you who told him about THIS and THAT while you were speaking for forty five minutes. Yes you told him about the solution because you already knew about it. It’s just we need to listen to it from another person, that you can do it.

Here I am not trying to say that there is something wrong attending seminars or consulting anyone. Motivating someone or inspiring someone is one of the most noble works in the world and that’s what people are doing. All I am saying is just talk to yourself, be your own motivator, be your own counsellor before going to any counsellor or motivational speakers.

You have decided about your dreams, you have decided about your goals, you know about your relationship, you have decided what you want to achieve in life so it should be you at the first place to say that I have decided it, I have planned for it and I will do it.

As a human being it is our nature to make friends, to make relations, to trust other people but in the journey of life we forget to trust ourselves, we forget to take care of ourselves and here I am not talking about physical care it is about mental care, we forget to be our own friend.

I just want to say that be your own friend because it is you who will be with you till the end of the life. Talk to yourself. Before starting anything new it can be a new course, a new job, a new business or a new relation. Take your own opinion about whether you are doing it right or if you have any doubts about it because it is you who can give yourself the best advice.

In my opinion everyone should talk to himself for at least half an hour every day just to remind yourself that you’re doing just fine and if you are going through a rough patch then to remind yourself that everything will be going to be fine. It should be just like we do meditation but it should be on a regular basis, believe me you will feel a positive change in yourself. If after that also you feel like talking to someone else or take someone’s opinion then please go for it.

At last I just want to say that motivation is just a voice from within or someone else that YES YOU CAN DO IT and if you want to listen to this voice everyday, get this motivation everyday than you have to practice for it religiously. If you want to be honest with someone or friend with someone else just be your friend first as THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF IT