God is not listening to me

It happens in life so many times when we have this thought in mind that God is not listening to me.

I keep on listening to friends and known ones that I am going through a very rough patch in life, I have so much tension regarding my job, I have so much tension regarding my business, I have problems in family, I am not in a good relationship with my girlfriend/boyfriend. I am praying to God to make everything alright but he is not listening to me.

I just want to ask one question

Do you really think that GOD does not listen to us?

I believe NO, GOD always listens to us, it’s just we stop talking to him when we have everything or when everything is going fine. We share a relationship with God like any other relations, a relationship of trust, a relationship of belief, a relationship of fear, a relationship of respect, a relationship of faith that Yes there is a superpower who is watching us, who will not leave us when we are in trouble. However every relation needs a two way communication otherwise after sometime it will not be the same or rather die. 

For example FRIENDSHIP, if your friend never talks to you generally but whenever he does it’s only when he needs something from you, how will you feel? One or two times or a few times you will help or support and after that you will say that he is selfish. He only remembers me when he is in some trouble or he is in need of something. This applies to almost every relation except mother & father and that is why their status is above God, I will cover this topic in another article.

The same thing is happening with God also, when we are happy or we have everything or everything is going fine we stop thanking him, we stop talking to him. We remember him when we are in trouble and this is what we have to stop doing. Talk to God everyday, talk to him to thank you for what you have, talk to him to thank you for this beautiful life, just talk to him generally about life, love, children anything you want, talk to him like your best friend without any wish, talk to him selflessly. Believe me you will never say GOD doesn’t listen to me. He always listens, he always cares.

 As we all know that there are so many ups and downs in the journey of life, if there is happiness there will be sorrow, if there is laughter there will be tears, if there are golden days some days will be dark too. 

At times we go through a rough patch in life where it seems like nothing is working out, it can be during any stage of life I.e childhood, teenage, middle age or old age as every stage of life has its own challenges. When we are in school/college we have a pressure of study, pressure of getting good grades, good marks and we think that once I finish my education and I get a job, I will earn money and life will be easier but than when we start working we realize that now the life is much tougher than before now its pressure of getting work done on time, pressure of competition with colleagues, promotion, salary, job insecurities hike etc. Then marriage and after that the pressure got more because with marriage comes responsibilities as we have to maintain a balance in professional and personal life which is not at all easy. Then kids and more responsibilities, more pressure and it goes on and on with time like child’s education, marriage and then our old age.

But have you realized that despite of having so many ups and down in life from your childhood till whatever age you are now

Who is supporting you?

Who is taking care of you?

Who is always there for you when everyone leaves you?

Who is the reason for your survival for so many years?

 It’s God who is with you every time. He does not ask you for anything, just one that talks to him without expectation and he will give you beyond your imagination.

It’s not only with God, it’s with every relationship. Just be selfless as THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF IT.