3:30 AM, I got a message “I AM GOING TO DIE

This incident happened with me some 10 years ago when I was living in Delhi, one night around 3:30 am I got a message from an unknown number that I am going to die. I was shocked to see such a message from an unknown number.

 I dialed that number to see who it was but nobody picked the call. I tried several times through my phone through my friends phones, dropped messages also who is this? Please pick up the phone, but no response. At that time I was living with four of my friends, we all were scared because after that message we tried to connect to that unknown person and there was no response. By the time we were trying and discussing what we should do it was somewhere around 4:30 am so we decided to go to the police station to report the case. In the meanwhile I thought let’s try one more time so I called again and this time the phone got connected.

 There was a girl on the other side and she said ‘I am sorry brother to bother you but I am done with everything and I want to finish it once and for all I have already taken some pills’ I did not recognize the voice as it was an unknown number and voice was also not very clear so I asked ‘sorry I don’t recognize you, who is speaking ‘ and then she told me her name so she was one of my friends girlfriend. I said wait whatever you are trying to do please don’t sleep and discuss, tell me what happened? Let me help you and she started crying and telling me the stories of their relationship like how she helped him with everything like his job, his overseas trip, his daily expenses and other stuff and he had promised to marry her, she had already planned for their future and how he is behaving with her now. Because I have seen them both and they look absolutely fine every time. 

That day I spoke to her for almost 3 hours. During these 3 hours I spoke to her brother who was living with her and told him to give her something to drink and make her vomit, and I told him that please take care of your sister and try to be her friend. Why I am sharing this incident with you guys because I learned few things about relationships that day :

1. Whatever we see around us in our everyday life it might not what it is in actual 

2. Whenever you feel like giving up on life or anything in your life please please talk to someone &(it is not necessary that that someone should be your relative, friend or known person) actually you can discuss it with anyone, with any stranger, with any random person.

3. Whenever you feel like your relationship is getting toxic, just come out of it. Because it will ruin your life and your loved one’s lifes also, so better to say goodbye to that relationship not to your life. 

4. Last but not the least, if you ever get a chance to save someone’s life just by talking to them please do that whether you know that person or not.

I am always thankful to God that he gave me this chance, that I got that message that day because now she is happily married(not with that guy, LOL) and has 2 kids. But what if she did not message me that day or I would have not tried to contact her, ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED..

So guys always be helpful to each other and don’t give up. And before making any such kind of decision just because of your one unsuccessful relation just think about those successful relations which you have with your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your friends who love you unconditionally!!!!! Just think about them once. Life is beautiful guys, feel it, enjoy it, love it and live it as THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF IT